The Caesars Palace Lobby

Caesars Palace Lobby - Las Vegas, Nevada

Caesars Palace Lobby – Las Vegas, Nevada

My first ever trip to Las Vegas, back in 2010, was very productive. I shot lots of photographs and I didn’t lose any money. Well, I didn’t lose any money because I didn’t gamble at all. I was too engrossed in capturing over the over top architecture. Why bother with the “fun” of gambling, when for me, nothing beats photography.

The super wide-angle lens creates fun distortions of the circular design, making the architecture even grander and wackier. Unlike the lobby of the Venetian, which I shot in the early morning hours, I took this picture at around 4:30pm. It took me several ties until I got a clean photo without anyone near the fountain. You can still see a smattering of folks in the distance, near the check-in desks, but I thought it was uncrowded give the time. I was also probably lucky.

I took the three image HDR with the Canon 7D with the Sigma 10-20mm lens. My setup was a lot bigger back then, when I used a DSLR instead of my current compact mirrorless cameras. Part of my new Technicolor Collection where I celebrate HDR photography.

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