Industrial Residence

Industrial Residence - Tokyo, Japan

Industrial Residence – Tokyo, Japan

I’m not entirely sure if this is a house or a factory. Maybe it’s both. The zoning in parts of Japan is not as strict and it’s not unusual to have multi-purpose structures. A storefront with a residence in the back or upstairs, for example. This industrial looking structure was located in a middle of a working class residential district.

While it won’t be my choice for a home, there’s a certain beauty to this gently aging structure. The soft faded green sign contrasts nicely against the developing rust and both colors work well with the neutral, industrial gray. I enjoy finding and making these atypical, balanced compositions. The scooter works perfectly here and without it, the photo wouldn’t look nearly as harmonious.

Shot with the Pentax Q7 and a wide-angle lens. Though I shot a lot of black and whites with the Q7, I made sure to capture color, particularly when it has such a wonderful, soft palate. I probably used the in-camera vibrant color mode to add an extra chromatic punch.

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