Rich Colors at Hokoku-ji

Rich Colors at Hokoku-ji - Kamakura, Japan

Rich Colors at Hokoku-ji – Kamakura, Japan

I like the balance of nature and the man-made in this photograph from Hokoku-ji. I shot this near the exit, as I was leaving the Bamboo Temple, in Kamakura, Japan. Last year, I posted an image of the famous Bamboo Garden which I shot as a wide-angle HDR back in 2014.

Like yesterday, I applied my special film simulation processing, for a rich and saturated look. But instead of using the Filmborn iPhone App, I used another called RNI Films. This app has a larger film selection and I used a setting called “Kodak Portra 160 v2 Warm Fade”.

This simulation brought out the warmth and, in particular, highlighted all the greens — even the moss on the stonework. The processing also muddied the shadows, which further incorporates a decidedly non-digital effect. I even added a faux film grain, which adds some texture. To see it, click on the image to for a larger version.

Ironically, for all the effort I used to create the Bamboo Garden HDR, with a tripod and three images blended in post, I like this photograph better. There’s a richness to it that looks more authentic. Perhaps I should try applying the film effect to the HDR.

I shot this with the Fujifilm X100S, single image shot in JPEG in the standard setting.

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