Fireplace, Hotel Emma

Fireplace, Hotel Emma - San Antonio, Texas

Fireplace, Hotel Emma – San Antonio, Texas

Continuing with the images from the Hotel Emma, here’s a cozy fireplace that’s located outside, in a small courtyard, near the entrance. I shot it with the Olympus PEN-F with the built-in black and white mode. And while the color version looks nice, the weight, contrast and added texture of the monochrome, adds a bit more mystery.

I like finding stuff like this, and my recent use of the 50mm equivalent focal length allows me to pick out the details, of which there’s an infinite supply at this unique hotel. It rarely happens but this photo is straight out of the camera, with no post processing. I even managed to shoot it straight and level. You would expect, after all the architecture I shoot, that I can do this easily — unfortunately not. I find the hardest thing is to shoot perfectly perpendicular to the subject.

I’ll need to go back again, for an extended shoot. While the wide-angle, like I showed yesterday, is great for appreciating the scale of the place, the intimate details are fun too. I can imagine many character filled details like this, in black and white, printed and framed in with a white matt and a simple black frame. You see these kinds of arty photographs all the time.

Would it be meta, if photos like this — of itself — are displayed in their own hotel guest rooms? Perhaps, and maybe it’s too prideful to showcase your own place as hotel artwork. But, the Emma deserves it — it’s a special kind of place.

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