SXSW ’17 Portraits: Courtney and Ana

Courtney and Ana, SXSW 2017 - Austin, Texas

Courtney and Ana, SXSW 2017 – Austin, Texas

I like how Courtney and Ana jump out with a simple black background, shot on the same patio where I also made a portrait of Taylor and Shannon. Environmental context is nice but it’s easy for clutter to take away from the portrait. With a clean background, there’s almost a studio feel. Courtney and Ana were both working the Nat Geo Base Camp, and if I remember correctly, they were local to Austin. You can see them enjoying the free drinks, in real glassware printed with the Nat Geo logo — the event was a class act.

When I first started, I was self-conscious shooting people on the street. Worse so when I made street portraits like these, where I asked for permission. There’s aways the fear of rejection and making a fool of oneself. With practice, I’ve improved but it never gets totally easy. Being in a social environment, where people are having a good time, certainly makes things easier.

Like the last couple of posts, this is also a black and white, converted from the RAW file. The in-camera black and white has a muddiness to it, simulating film, and works nicely in certain situations. But at times, I like the crispness that you see here.

Day five of the SXSW Portrait series.

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