Shake Shack Blue Hour

Shake Shack Blue Hour - Austin, Texas

Shake Shack Blue Hour – Austin, Texas

I noticed that the local Shake Shack was doing a bang up business as I headed to my car, after an evening at the Punch Bowl Social. The dramatic architecture and the perfect blue hour timing got me shooting architecture – which was my most common photographic topic, until recently. Even the 28mm equivalent of the Ricoh GR did a decent job showcasing the structural drama of the building.

It’s amazing how many high-end burger places have opened up in Austin. What used to be a staple of inexpensive fast food joints have morphed into a satisfying and sometimes sophisticated meal in itself. Shake Shack is a chain out of New York City, but Austin has some homegrown favorites that adequately complete. Hopdoddy is my favorite and superior to Shake Shack, I think. Though the burgers are different.

The New York chain has high-end but fast food like burger construction — thin patties that can be made into singles, double or even triples. Hopdoddy’s makes gourmet burgers, with thicker patties, and have the options of other meats. Either way, these places offer tasty meals, without breaking the budget.

As I get better at using Capture One as my library and post-processing system, I’m having better luck bending the colors of the Ricoh GR, to my will. I’ve always like the GR’s compact form factor, now perhaps, with better post processing, I can use it more often and overcome it’s default, lackluster color.

Added to my Daily Life Collection.

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