The Long Bar

The Long Bar, Punch Bowl Social - Austin, Texas

The Long Bar, Punch Bowl Social – Austin, Texas

Here’s another photo from Punch Bowl Social, which I talked about yesterday. Whenever I see long rows of repeating elements, like the hanging lights and booths, along with the long bar bracketing the aisle, I think of leading lines. These architectural elements pull the viewer into the photograph, and with the glow and reflections at night, it forms my favorite type of scene. I used to make photos like this all the time, but with even wider wide-angle lenses.

After shooting a lot recently with a 50mm equivalent, even the moderate 28mm on the Ricoh GR looks really wide to me. The slightly wide perspective adds enough distortion to enhance interest. Back in the old days, I often used 16mm super-wides that really gave a distinctive, if not slightly gimmicky look. I’ve moderated somewhat, trying to scale the amount of wide-angle distortion to the appropriate scene.

The warm and contrasty look is courtesy of a film simulation effect, which adds more of a mood to this place. But all the post processing effects won’t make a boring place look interesting. Punch Bowl Social has many eye-catching angles. The food was good as was the entertainment, but for me, nothing makes me happier than shooting photographs — particularly making interesting images of every day places I visit.

I’ve added this photo to my Daily Life Collection. Places in and around Austin, that I encounter during my everyday life.

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4 thoughts on “The Long Bar

  1. There’s one of your classic style interior shots. You’ve been excellent this the whole time I’ve known you. I used to think “the wider the better” myself and lately anything wider than 28mm equivalent doesn’t look right. In fact I recently sold all my lens that were wider.

    1. You’ve really slimmed down your equipment. My widest on the Olympus is currently 18mm equivalent.

      I do enjoy super-wides, once in a while, but certainly not like before, where all I did was shoot with them.

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