Industrial Kitsch

Interior, Punch Bowl Social - Austin, Texas

Interior, Punch Bowl Social – Austin, Texas

I went out with co-workers this evening to Punch Bowl Social, a combination restaurant, bar, bowling alley and game center. I’ve passed by this place frequently, in The Domain Shopping Center, but it’s the first time I went inside. Beyond the good food and its playful nature, it was interesting visually. I had my compact Ricoh GR with me, which worked well to document.

It’s a large warehouse like space, filled with a mix of rustic mountain, industrial and retro styling. Though I’ve never been to any Silicon Valley startups, it reminds of those style of offices. Clearly grown up but not mature. A place like this is intended to foster creativity and child like originally, I guess. I’m not sure how it works as office decor, but as a restaurant/bar, it was enjoyable. Unlike in the past, when suburbs meant boring, this space had downtown sophistication but with roominess and the convenient and free parking, of the burbs.

I’ve complained in the past about the performance of the Ricoh GR. For all its fans and positive reviews, I find that it doesn’t quite live up to my expectations. Even with the bigger sensor, I can make better images with my Olympus. However, with the new Capture One software, that I’ve started to use, I’m having better luck with RAWs. I’m able to alter the default colors and also add film simulation effects, which I did here.

After the barrage of portraits, it’s been a while since I’ve posted to my Daily Life Collection. It’s where I feature everyday images, hopefully unique in some way, captured as I go about life in Austin.

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