Nintendo Switch Fans

Happy Nintendo Switch Fans - Austin, Texas

Happy Nintendo Switch Fans – Austin, Texas

You might have heard about the very popular and sold out Nintendo Switch. It’s Nintendo’s latest video game and fortunately for Nintendo, it looks like they have hit — much-needed after the ill-fated, previous generation, Wii U. With the positive reviews, my younger son wanted one for his 14th birthday, even if he had to supplement his own money to pool together enough funds to afford it. Unfortunately, it’s virtually impossible to get. That is, unless you were willing to pay jacked up eBay prices or get expensive bundles.

I was perfectly fine to wait. Certainly in a couple of months, the production would catch up, and it would be readily available everywhere. I thought it was great opportunity for my son to learn a key life lesson — patience. He, of course, had other plans. After scouring the internet, he discovered a rumor of a delivery to Toys R Us, Saturday morning. Somehow, he convinced my older son to drive him to the store at 6am.

Surprisingly, they were the 9th in line and luckily 9 units were available for purchase. My older son, while agreeing to chauffeur, was not willing to wait 3 hours. Not wanting my 14-year-old to wait in line by himself, I stood in as guardian. It was an unusually chilly 46 degrees at 7am, but I got to spend some quality time with my son and the other Nintendo fans in line.

Early Morning at Toys R Us - Austin, Texas

As you might have expected, I had my camera to document. Here’s what it looked like at 7am. You can clearly see hooded enthusiasts in line.

There was an unexpected mis-count and we were actually number ten in line. We explained that we waited for 3 hours because a Toys R Us employee told us that we would get one. After talking to her manager, they decided to sell us a special replacement unit – a special 10th unit. So, with some very good luck, support from the others in line, and an understanding management, we got a Nintendo Switch. A big Kudos to Toys R Us.

Up top, several of the other happy Nintendo Switch owners, who were in line with us. While I don’t typically wait in line for gadgets, even cameras, it’s always nice to be with enthusiasts. There is a camaraderie between people sharing their passions, whether it’s video games or photography.

Both my boys really like the Switch. It’s a revolutionary video game machine which “switches”, seamlessly from a connect to TV console to a hand-held gaming machine. It amazing how quickly computing is advancing.

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5 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch Fans

  1. I was able to snag one myself on Amazon this past weekend before it sold out again within 5 minutes!

    Love your blog! Good to see a fellow Olympus photographer enjoying his PEN-F!

    1. That’s great, Tae Kim and thank you. I did hear that the Switch was on Amazon for a few minutes.

      I’m sure availability will be hit and miss for a while.

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