Elena in Monochrome

Elena, SXSW 2017 Olympus Drink and Click - Austin, Texas

Elena, SXSW 2017 Olympus Drink and Click – Austin, Texas

When I added the three portraits from the SXSW Olympus Drink and Click, you might have guessed from the titles that I was up to something. Here’s “Elena in Monochrome” to pair with “Elena in Color”, which I posted a few days ago.

I’ve shot a lot of black and white portraits lately with my Olympus PEN-F and I was considering just posting monochromes again, like I did for the SXSW ’17 Portrait series. But, when I saw the rich red curtains, and the contrast with Elena’s bluish outfit, I also fell in love with the color.

This black and white is straight out of the camera, with no modifications. I used the PEN-F’s built-in contrasty Tri-X like film simulation. With the simulated film grain and high contrast, there’s less detail which is part of its old-timey charm. I like both but I prefer the color.

I shot both RAW and JPEG, as I often do on the PEN-F. This is the identical exposure as the color version but with the in-camera effect applied.

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9 thoughts on “Elena in Monochrome

  1. Black and white for the win. So much more feeling in this one without the distraction of color. Your portrait work is getting amazing. Love the lighting and expression. Nailed it.

  2. Just to bang away at the “it’s all subjective” cliche, let me suggest the B&W version processed in-camera is more harsh than necessary. Had you made the conversion yourself in editing, I think it would have turned out differently.

    1. Mike, absolutely! Actually, I was planning to show that exact point in tonight’s upcoming post.

      And the B&W processing I’ve picked on the PEN-F is made to look contrasty with lots of texture. There are other, built-in styles that are less “harsh”.

  3. I really like them both, to be honest. Maybe the processing of the B&W version could be toned down a tiny bit, but that’s a matter of personal preference…

    I am trying to remember from your past posts…but do you guys sometimes also invite models that are not female?

    As always, thanks for your posts!

    1. Thank you, Laurent.

      I’ve been to different events that have both male and female models but typically female models outnumber males.

      For Drink and Clicks, I think most if not all, have been female.

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