Elena in Color

Elena, SXSW 2017 Olympus Drink and Click - Austin, Texas

Elena, SXSW 2017 Olympus Drink and Click – Austin, Texas

Nearly two weeks ago, I posted a teaser photo called “The Selfie”, which I shot at the SXSW Olympus Drink and Click. This is the second year of the event, where during SXSW, Olympus and Drink and Click teamed up for a fun night of photography. I was there, of course, as I was last year, which was its inaugural year.

For this year’s coverage, I’m going to feature portraits that I took that night. Unlike the casual black and white street portraits from SXSW this year, these look a bit more formal and polished. There was extra lighting setup at three widely spaced areas, each staffed with a model. These Drink and Click events usually revolve around socializing, and drinking of course, along with, typically, model shoots. The Olympus sponsored event was no different, except a full staff of Olympus folks loaned out the latest cameras and lenses for people to test.

This is first time I met Elena and I like her strong and confident look. I also like the fact that this doesn’t look like a typical model pose. I think the colors worked particularly well, with the strongly contrasting red and blue.

I shot this photo with my own Olympus gear, the PEN-F with the 45mm f1.8. The 45mm is a lens that I haven’t used much, though I took it to Disney World and it worked wonderfully for capturing performances in the dark. But at a 90mm equivalent, it’s the perfect focal length for portraits.

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