Abstract Spider

Abstract Spider, Rodeo Austin - Austin, Texas

Abstract Spider, Rodeo Austin – Austin, Texas

Rounding out my trifecta of carnival rides, I present the Spider. An abstract Spider. As with the other two posts, I shot this free-hand, but with a twist. The twist of the zoom lens that is. At a 0.4 second exposure, we get motion blur from the ride, but I also zoomed out simultaneously. In effect, it’s a 3-Dimensional motion blur.

What resulted is this wacky, colorful mess, which I emphasized with post processing. I shot a few more but like this one best for the mix of color patterns. I only hit upon this 3D motion blur idea at the end. Perhaps I’ll play with more of it in the future.

After going to the same events over the years, I’m trying to find different ways to shoot them. I don’t think these are particularly earth shattering and I certainly didn’t invent some new technique. But it’s stuff that I haven’t done before.

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10 thoughts on “Abstract Spider

  1. A right handsome shot. If you dont tell anyone what it is, there might be a chance of entering the art market: “The Swan Escapes”, one possible title.

      1. When my granddaughter was 9, we took her to Coney Island. We figured we’d work up to the giant Cyclone. This tiny little girl stood and looked at it. Walked around it. Said “I want THAT one.”

        I said “don’t you want to work up to that? That’s the biggest ride in the park.”

        “Nope,” she said “THAT one. And YOU are going on it with me.”

        We rode the cyclone six time that day until my legs were so wobbly I just couldn’t do it again. She laughed the entire way. Did I mention she also had a broken arm and I had to hang on to her so she wouldn’t fly out of the car?

        At least she doesn’t drive like that!

      2. What a wonderful story.

        When I was really young, I was on a ride like this one, with my Aunt on one side and my Father on the other. They were both holding me down and my father even put a heavy bag on my lap to weigh me down. I kept lifting off the seat.

        During Christmas last year, at Disney World, I rode every roller coaster except the crazy Exhibition Everest. I’m getting less chicken than when I was younger. But I still get the feeling that I survived the rides rather than truly enjoying them.

  2. They are my version of parachuting. On those old rides, like the Cyclone, you really COULD fall out if you were small enough … and Kaity was little. So I had to ride with one arm around her most of the time because she only had one working arm. I think she is more afraid now than she was then. She was a real little adventurer!

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