ROT Rally Abstract

Abstract, ROT Rally Parade - Austin, Texas

Abstract, ROT Rally Parade – Austin, Texas

I featured some motion blur photos yesterday, from the ROT Rally. This is what happens when you take it to the next level. Motion blurred images can become rather abstract. I used a technique which I call 3D Motion Blur. In addition to the normal blur you get from panning and motion on a two-dimensional plane, I also zoomed out with the lens.

I first featured this technique two weeks ago for an abstract amusement park ride. Same principle here, but with even more spectacular results, I think. Out of several attempts, the image up top is my favorite. There a hint of a motorcycle up front until everything streaks into a technicolor collage. As a science fiction guy, it resembles a motorcycle going into warp speed.

The image below is wackier with no hint of motorcycle. Perhaps it goes too far as an image representing the ROT Rally, but the colorful pattern is attractive to my eye. It has transformed into a pure abstract with no reference left of the original subject. As with any “art”, I suppose I can give it a spiffy name and some ingenious story behind its creation. Print it on high gloss glass or metal and its ready for one of those modernist art galleries.

Abstract, ROT Rally Parade - Austin, Texas

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