Bar Patrons

Bar Patrons, 6th Street - Austin, Texas

Bar Patrons, 6th Street – Austin, Texas

The 6th street bars, understandably I suppose, blatantly promote the ROT Rally to cater to the demographic. I wonder if it makes a difference? Does having a big Harley sign make bikers want to drink there? Perhaps it’s that one extra straw the convinces them to enter.

I wonder if there are giant Olympus and Sony signs hanging, us photographers would feel compelled to drink more at these bars. Something tells me though, 6th Street is not the target market for photographers, expect for maybe street photographers, like me.

Several years ago, when I was getting into shooting on the street, I would drink at the bars. Some nasty cheap $1 well drinks that would rip up your stomach. I think I used it to take the edge off when asking for street portraits. Now that I’m a bit more experienced, I don’t have to resort as much to a social lubrication.

I like these characters at the bar. There were a prime target for me, since they’re right by the window. I don’t know if they were connected to the Rally, but they do look different from the stereotypical bikers.

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2 thoughts on “Bar Patrons

  1. Looks like a dealer sponsored event in that case. Or maybe the bar just got a hold of a banner from somewhere. That’s a really old one. It still has the Buell logo on it, a brand Harley-Davidson dropped almost a decade ago.

    1. Interesting. Hard to know if they just had old banners. You seem quite knowledgeable about bikes. You can tell, I know very little.

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