Harleys at the Ritz

Harleys at the Ritz, ROT Rally - Austin, Texas

Harleys at the Ritz, ROT Rally – Austin, Texas

It took some waiting and several shots but I managed to get a cleanly framed view of Harleys at the Ritz Theater on 6th Street. There’s only a trace of people and motion blur in the background.

There are wonderful photo opportunities on ROT Rally weekend on 6th Street. Unfortunately, there are so many people, that it takes a concerted effort to simplify and reduce the onlookers.

This is another one of those photos where, in years past, I would have used a tripod to create a HDR. This is a single image, shot at 0.2 seconds, so that I can maintain ISO 200 for maximum dynamic range. It was also a lot easier to frame, not having to use a tripod. Though I did need to squat down and use the flip out LCD to get this low vantage point.

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