On Posting Daily for Six Months

Fried Chicken, Top Notch - Austin, Texas

Fried Chicken, Top Notch – Austin, Texas

It’s exactly six months since I started daily blog posts. And it has affected me profoundly, on a creative level.

The notion of posting daily happened organically — my output was already increasing. I then decided to post daily from the road, as I travelled with my son, visiting college campuses in the summer. After the trip, I continued.

Like any skill, practiced daily, I think my writing has improved. Or at least, I like to think so, More importantly, I started to enjoy writing, which is an accomplishment in itself. Six years ago, when I started this blog, writing was truly painful and it took hours to form a modest paragraph. I blame this aversion to writing on my high school English teacher. I know it’s an excuse but I have a good story about her.

Early in high school, I had a particularly de-motivating teacher. Her claim to fame? She taught English, in Iran, during the Iranian Revolution. Yeah, the one in 1979. She bragged that she continued teaching while there were protests and shootings on the street — right outside the school window. Her favorite technique for encouraging good writing? She would read badly written papers in front of the class and then further embarrass the student by mentioning their name.

Now, writing stories are fun, though I still struggle with grammar — I always have. Back again in high school, I scored high 600s to low 700s on the achievement tests for science and mathematics but scored an abysmal 400 – 500 on the English achievement test. Reading comprehension was never the issue, it’s just that I didn’t do well forming proper sentences.

Isn’t it ironic that I’m now writing everyday, for fun, with such a shaky foundation?

I have posted daily before, on Flickr and mostlyfotos (my other, now defunct blog) for long stretches. But these were photo postings with minimal writing. After a while, I grew bored with the mechanics of posting photographs. There was no inspiration in the process.

The picking of images and telling of stories on this blog, has infused a new level of creativity and fun. I constantly have stories running through my head. Which is enjoyable, but it’s also out of necessity. The daily postings drives the constant need for new content.

Today’s image has a loose association with the topic. I shot this on July 2, 2016 the day I started my daily blogging. It’s from Top Notch Burgers during my first ever visit to Hot Rod Night. I shot it with my Photo Sketchbook, a modern digital camera, but I applied a grainy black and white film effect in post processing.

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12 thoughts on “On Posting Daily for Six Months

  1. Oh just how important are those teachers. A good one leaves a child enthusiastic for life. A bad one leaves hate for the subject.
    I’m appreciating your regular posts alongside the good photographs. Thanks and please keep it up (especially if you enjoy it too).
    Silly idea: you could join a MOOC and have another go at grammar… I did! Students and tutors now share a FB group enjoying the quirks of English!

    1. Thanks Dave for your visits and suggestion. I wonder how different English in Australia is compared to the U.S.? I might have to look into these courses either from Australia or here in the U.S.

    1. That would’ve been more interesting… Perhaps another 6 more months and I will be. We’ll see how long I can keep this up. Even if it’s fun, it does take sustained effort.

      1. I’ve been posting daily (unless I was in the hospital or on vacation) for more than three years. Not fried yet. I do get tired sometimes, but it’s actually kind of invigorating.

      2. Marilyn, you are a very prolific poster. Once per day is more than enough for now, given my full time job and parental duties.

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