A Year of Daily Posts

Faded Hotel - Texarkana, Texas

Faded Hotel – Texarkana, Texas

It’s been a year since I started daily blog posts — the actual anniversary happened a few days ago on July 2nd. As you get older, time seems to speed up, so a year goes fast. Even so, it took some effort to post everyday, especially when on vacation, when my daily routine was interrupted.

On my six month anniversary, I mentioned how posting daily had changed the dynamics of writing. While still a photography blog, I now consider the writing as an integral part of this blog, nearly on par with the imagery.

A lot can happen in a year and looking back, things have certainly changed. Both on a family level as well as on this blog and in my photography.

A year ago, I was driving through the middle of Arkansas with my son, just finishing a tour of Hendrix College. We were half way through a multi-state college road trip. Today, my son is set to go to Trinity University in San Antonio. Hendrix College remained high on my son’s list, by the way. The charming and friendly liberal arts college just lost out to Trinity, which offered a few more options.

Blog wise, not only did I complete a year of daily posts, but I recently added my 1,000th post. I’ve also changed the blog format to this modern, responsive design which works better on smartphones and tablets.

Photographically, I was busy exploring long focal lengths with my Panasonic ZS50, which I enthusiastically called my Photo Sketchbook. I shot today’s photo with it, back on July 3, 2016 when I was traveling through Texarkana on the afore-mentioned trip.

And while I’m not shooting as much with the ZS50, its had an effect on my photography. The use of longer focal lengths has shifted my preferences upward, closer to telephoto. I’m often using a 50mm equivalent instead of 35 and reaching longer too, without hesitation.

I bought the Olympus 14-150mm telephoto lens because of the Photo Sketchbook, which covers my most used zoom range, but with higher quality on my Olympus micro 4/3 system. That 14-150, which has a 28-300mm equivalent, has become my preferred lens during travel.

While I dabble with other cameras, I’ve gravitated towards a pair of Olympus cameras as my go to, with the addition of the PEN-F late last year. The PEN-F has also pushed me more into black and white photography and exploring Film-ish looks via digital.

I’ve also moved from Aperture 3 to Capture One for my image processing and library management. The new software has enabled a new level of control and options both to improve photographs and to explore photographic effects.

The building up top appears to be a hotel, located just across the street from the equally dilapidated Union Station in Texarkana. The downtown core has fallen into hard times but the grand structures remain. It’s too bad, but perhaps in the future, they can be revived. That’s the thing — entropy is everywhere. Things break down without constant energy. That goes for cities as well as blogs.

After a year, I’m still enthusiastic about continuing my daily posts. Though I have doubts, from time to time, that what I’m doing is meaningful. Are my stories and writing any good? Are my photographs improving or capturing a unique point of view? There’s a mixture of passion and uncertainty, which push and pull like an elaborate dance. I suppose this is all part of the creative process.

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13 thoughts on “A Year of Daily Posts

  1. Congratulations! I think I started daily posting a few years ago and now it’s a few more. I’m trying to cut back, especially because I haven’t been getting out to shoot nearly as much as I did.

    You write well. You always did, but now you write even better 😀

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Marilyn. Yes, you are most prolific.

      I still shoot a lot, perhaps too much. I’ve realized that I could do a dozen posts a day and still have ample content. Time is certainly a limitation, at least for now.

      1. We’ve had some atrocious weather which made most of this spring a non-starter. But I got a new (used, but great condition) 12mm for the Oly and I finally went out to try it today. What a great lens! Finally!

      2. I know you were looking for a wide-angle, forever, so congratulations. I shoot at 12mm on my 12-40 Pro but that zoom is heavy. I’ve had a passing idea of picking up the 12mm f2, for a lightweight architecture lens. We’ll see.

  2. Andy,

    I began following your blog a few months ago. I think Kirk Tuck mentioned you in his blog and so I had to take a look. I enjoy your writing and photos. I’m a musician — not a photographer — but I do love the art of photography and like to read thoughtful commentary and see well-crafted images. I have strong ties to central Texas and enjoy your images even more because of that. Keep up the fine work.

  3. Hi Andy, I’ve been away from photography and most things internet related for quite some time now but on those occasions when I do connect, your blog is one of the three or four blogs that I always visit. Congratulations on doing the whole one-post-a-day thing for an entire year. That’s no small feat. I’ve always enjoyed your writing and for sure, your photos. After more than two years I’m considering shooting again and I would have to say that you contribute to that creation spark that still resides somewhere inside me. By the way, I’m sorry I comment so rarely. I’ll try and change that. In any case, be assured that I find plenty of value in your posts and will continue to visit.

    1. Hi Cedric, welcome back and thank you for your continued visits. I do hope you do get back into photography. But I know it’s nice or even necessary to take a break and perhaps I’ll need to that myself, if I find that I run out of things to say.

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