Choppers on 6th Street

Choppers on 6th Street, ROT Rally - Austin, Texas

Choppers on 6th Street, ROT Rally – Austin, Texas

Here’s one more from a mini-series of bikes on display at the ROT Rally. Like the last two, I’ve used a single photo which I maximized for dynamic range. Along with Capture One, I created an image with a HDR look, without shooting brackets, using a tripod or using HDR software. I goes to show how much sensor technology and image processing has come over the years.

The red and possibly the blue vehicles aren’t technically bikes, they have three wheels. They attracted a lot of attention with their neon, chrome and extras that make them different from the sea of similar vehicles. When there’re several hundred Harleys around, you need something special to stand out.

I talked to the owner too, who was understandably proud of his shiny babies. I had to get down really low to the ground to create this vantage point. But I think it creates a bit of drama with the pair of chopper wheels and the color and texture of 6th Street in the background.

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