Mario at Target

Mario at Target - Austin, Texas

Mario at Target – Austin, Texas

This is one those quirky things I saw, several months ago, as I was going to Target. Target is the second largest big box retail chain in America, after Wal-Mart. But unlike Wal-Mart, that competes on low prices, Target has a sense of style. They offer smart designs at good prices. They might be slightly more expensive than Wal-Mart, but the shopping experience is far superior.

Mario here, and Luigi in green, on the other side, were promoting the newly released Mario Kart Video Game on the Nintendo Switch. These are concrete balls, normally red. I originally thought they were devices to prevent smash and grab robberies, but they don’t seem to be protecting the entrance. So I don’t know what they are for.

Out of the ordinary things like this is why I like to have a camera with all the time. The iPhone is certainly convenient for that, but I happen to have my Ricoh GR with me that evening. Part of my Daily Life collection.

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2 thoughts on “Mario at Target

  1. Dude! Where are all the Japan photos? You took thousands and you’ve only tossed a handful out to us! I don’t get away often and have to travel vicariously through guys like you. Help a brother out.

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