Night Life on the River Walk

Night Life, River Walk - San Antonio, Texas

Night Life, River Walk – San Antonio, Texas

Here’s another one of those quick snapshots I made on the River Walk, last weekend. While the entire San Antonio River Walk is vast, the core downtown portion is surprisingly compact. So much so that my wife and I easily walk around the square that formed the center.

What I discovered is that there are two distinct flavors to the downtown River Walk. The first one, which I featured yesterday, is the quiet park like setting that was right outside our hotel. There were other nice hotels in the area, each with their own subdued restaurant or bar.

The other River Walk is more of what you see above. A rowdy and packed place with tourists frequenting bars and casual restaurants. It was only a several block walk between the two, but a world away in terms of atmosphere.

In this area, many of the restaurants have seating right by the river bank or setback in outdoor patios. This place featured colorful Texas Flag patterned awnings with the red, blue with the single white star. In Texas, people don’t shy away from using the State Flag as a design motif. Understandable, since it’s so graphic and colorful — I rather enjoy it. It’s like one coordinated marketing campaign for Texas.

My original plan was to shoot by myself after my wife, inevitably, got tired and went to bed. Unfortunately, I forgot the extra battery and charger so I was power starved during the entire trip. Rather than doing a long and detailed downtown photo excursion, I opted to take a modest number of pictures during my stroll with my wife.

Forgetting an extra battery is a newbie mistake that, I think, I never made before. The city shots will have to wait for another day. I wanted to make sure I adequately captured my son’s move-in events at Trinity University. After all, I can always go down to San Antonio, but my son’s first weekend at college is a one time shot.

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