Short Order Cook

Short Order Cook, Waffle House - Austin, Texas

Short Order Cook, Waffle House – Austin, Texas

Here’s another vintage, for me, 8 megapixel photograph. Just like yesterday’s image, I shot this back in 2009 with the Canon 20D and kit lens. It’s at a Waffle House, which is sort of like a small IHOP (International House of Pancakes) but with waffles instead of pancakes. This might have been the first time I went to one. I saw a bunch of these establishments towards Houston and was always curious. The retro looking yellow sign with block letters had an odd attraction for my wife and I.

This waffle house was a new one back then, which opened near the Austin airport and, as I recall, we stopped by after a flight.

It’s not just restaurant nostalgia which makes this image special. This photograph may be my first black and white conversion that truly satisfied. Back 8 years ago, I shot a lot color, bright saturated HDR color. My feeble attempt at black and white always ended in disappointment. I wasn’t very good at converting color to black in white in post production.

What I didn’t know back then was, black and white is not simply the absence of color. There are shadows and tones that are critical. I didn’t know the technical details but I knew visually that what I created was lacking.

Fast forward to 2017 and some 30 to 40% of my recent posts are in black and white. My technique has improved as well as the software tools and though I can’t claim to be a black and white expert, I’m at least creating a look that I’m satisfied with.

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8 thoughts on “Short Order Cook

      1. Well… I only ate there once, but I recall it was not fine dining. I ordered some sort of steak, and it was definitely greasy. But it was inexpensive. And I liked the unpretentious non-elite sort of feel to the place.

      2. Yes, definitely not fine dining. You are more adventurous than I, ordering steak. My family and I stuck with the breakfast items, eggs, bacon, potatoes and, of course, waffles.

  1. I went there when I was in college after a late night study session or partying as it was open all night. Haven’t wanted to go back to one since.

      1. Yeah, terrible stuff. Oh, and by the way, I washed it down with a Big Gulp too.

        Much better Mexican food in Austin, luckily. I’ve certainly improved my diet from the college days.

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