The Odd Design of The Domain Hotel

The Domain Hotel - Sunnyvale, California

The Domain Hotel – Sunnyvale, California

I’m not enough of an architectural expert to properly categorize this style, but I found it rather odd. I’ve never seen a hotel like this. Clearly it’s contemporary. Is it mid-century? From the 50s, 60s or 70s? It looks like it was recently renovated with yet another layer of contemporary flourishes add to its unique look. I figured an architect must have designed it, however, Google searches failed to find any historic references.

The Domain Hotel, off the famous El Camino Real is located in Sunnyvale, California. The area looks dated. With mostly modest businesses built over an old California Road, way past its golden age. At $250 per night, the designer updated business class hotel seems expensive for most places, but in the middle of hot Silicon Valley, I suppose it’s the going rate.

Despite bringing my pair of Olympus cameras, I ended up doing very little photography — which is rare for me. It was a short two night trip and with meetings into the evening, I neither had the time or energy to go out exploring. I had to settle for quick photos at the airport and today’s wide-angle capture.

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6 thoughts on “The Odd Design of The Domain Hotel

  1. Interesting. Had you not explained the building’s age and circumstances, I would have thought it a failed attempt at making new construction look like an older industrial site. Repurposed factory buildings seem to be the leading edge of trendy/desirable. In this case, though, they’ve managed to come up with something that looks like it may have been the first enclosed shopping mall — small, tentative, doomed.

    1. Good points about a converted industrial building or enclosed shopping mall. I wonder how different this placed looked when it first opened up.

    1. It looks pretty modern but I’m sure it’s not very new, at least 30 – 40 years old, I’m thinking.

      No bedbugs but the bed was harder than my taste. They had a great breakfast though, which you can see the dining room at the bottom of the photo.

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