Krishna and the Gopis

Krishna and the Gopis - Austin, Texas

Krishna and the Gopis – Austin, Texas

Boy, I hope I properly titled this post.

I have very little knowledge of Hindu deities and used Google to do some research. I shot this photograph at Radha Madhav Dham two weeks ago — my first visit during the Diwali festival in Austin. I was attracted to this elaborate display, behind glass, prominently displayed in a circular structure behind the main Temple.

According to my research on the web, Krishna is depicted here, with the blue skin, playing an India flute. I check through all the descriptions and pictures of Hindu deities, and Krishna seems to be the likely candidate. The women who surround Krishna are Gopis (milkmaids).

Please let me know if I got this wrong.

Assuming I’m right, I’m stuck by how easy it is to do some quick research. It’s so natural to just Google stuff now, but it wasn’t long ago when basic information was really hard to get. Even back when I was in college, other than some cursory facts from encyclopedias, it often took many hours of searching in libraries to find anything. Card catalogs and microfilm, remember those? All rendered obsolete.

I remember it took me a couple of years to get in the habit of checking Google. Now, Google for info, YouTube for how-tos and reviews and Amazon for ratings is the way I roll. Of course, in a few more years, AI powered algorithms will probably identify most images automatically.

The question is, we have more information than ever and quickly accessed, but, have we really increased our knowledge or wisdom?

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