Hindu Temple at Blue Hour

Hindu Temple at Blue Hour - Austin, Texas

Hindu Temple at Blue Hour – Austin, Texas

I mentioned yesterday that I visited a Hindu Temple south-west of downtown Austin. I was there for the Diwali festival and as the day turn to night, the crowds and excitement continued to build. There were food stalls, booths for clothing and jewelry and activities for children. I was busy taking it in and shooting pictures.

Of course, I wanted to catch the temple at peak blue hour. I actually, for a change, had a tripod with me. But, I was lazy and opted not to use it for this photograph. I shot this hand-held at 1/6 of a second at f2.8. Even though it was at ISO 640, the post processing worked well as I lifted the shadows.

The smoke on the right? That was from the firecrackers. Capturing the expressions of kids enjoying the sparkling magic was the best. It was the highlight of the night, which I’ll feature tomorrow. Oh, and the tripod? Yeah, I used that too, later, when it was dark and I needed 8 second exposures. Certainly, a story for another post.

As usual, I took a lot of photos and over the next several days, I’ll feature Diwali, Austin-stlye.

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