Mike’s Big Birthday Party

Honeysuckle Roses, Texas Beer Co. - Taylor, Texas

Honeysuckle Roses, Texas Beer Co. – Taylor, Texas

I was in Taylor, this past Sunday. A small city some 30 miles north-east of Austin. It was for Mike — friend, photographer and blogger who is also kind enough to visit here and comment from time to time. He had his big milestone birthday party with a healthy group of friends in attendance. Some where photographers, others were musicians, motorcycle riding buddies and co-workers.

I am, of course, from his photographer friends group, along with Tony, who carpooled with me. Tony and I did an hour and half Taylor photowalk before the main event. It was a perfectly nice time with perfect autumn Central Texas weather.

I’ve been shooting more black and whites, lately, and also with encouragement from Mike. Mike has gone almost entirely black and white. Take a look at his website and blog, if you like monochrome photography. He does great work.

Some of Mike’s musician friends, the Honeysuckle Roses, performed as we drank fresh beer brewed on premises. The building housing the brew pub, gallery, wine bar and other assorted uses was recently renovated in the very center of downtown. I’m happy to say, Taylor is coming alive. It’s slow but noticeable since my last visit over a year ago.

The fella on the bass guitar, Mark, in addition to his musical skills is also a fine photographer and one of top Photoshop experts around. I met a few other photographers friends and even a model I used to work with. It was great to hang around creative folks. Mike looked really happy too, even if he is now officially part of the “grumpy old man” cohort.

Welcome to the club, Mike.

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