Taylor Sunset Silhouette

Sunset Silhouette - Taylor, Texas

Sunset Silhouette – Taylor, Texas

When I was in Taylor on Sunday, for Mike’s Birthday Party, I stepped out for a few minutes during the rapidly approaching blue hour. The time just after sunset, until it gets dark, is my magic time for urban landscapes. Less than a block away from the party, looking west, I saw the remnants of a sunset. The sky had not given up its golden color and the silhouettes in the alleyway made for some interesting shapes.

Like other old Texas towns, Taylor has a network of transformers and power lines running in the back alleys. I like them for the “throwback to yesteryear” look that they produce. In this image though, they act like small-town artifacts, contrasting against the saturated sky.

I post processed, of course, to bring out the hidden colors that look even more dramatic than seen with the eye. The colors look almost tropical, if it weren’t for the urban silhouette. I suppose this kind of picture can work with silhouettes of palm trees, though, that would have looked too commonplace. And, not unexpectedly, there was a distinct lack of palm trees in Taylor.

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