Street Jazz

Street Jazz - New Orleans, Louisiana

Street Jazz – New Orleans, Louisiana

Switching gears from a colorful landscape to a black and white street photograph, here’s a scene from New Orleans. I originally didn’t think much of this photo until I converted it to a contrasty black and white from the original RAW. Everything seemed to pop and the distractions melted away.

I love the expressions of the listeners and while I was, at first, unsure about the motion blur of the sax player, I now like it. I think it makes for a more interesting photo than with a tack sharp musician. I didn’t exactly shoot at a show shutter speed, either. 1/80 of a second is respectable, but I guess he was more active than I thought.

Of course the street music, the Jazz, was top-notch. I wish I could have stayed longer. But this was the last day of our trip, we had just finished lunch and were mentally gearing up for (and dreading) the 7+ hour drive home to Austin.

I talked yesterday about beefy high-resolution landscape cameras, but this kind of the stuff on the street is just perfect for my small mirrorless Olympus. High enough quality but without the big bulky body and lenses that stick out.

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