West Side Story

West Side Story Set, McCallum High School - Austin, Texas

West Side Story Set, McCallum High School – Austin, Texas

McCallum High School is the Performing Arts Magnet in Austin. This past weekend, my family and I went to see the final performance of West Side Story. It was awesome. This is the first show we’ve ever seen at the school. We really should’ve gone to see their past performances.

My son goes to another high school in the Austin School District, but he recognized some from his elementary and junior high school. But more than the nostalgic connection, what truly impressed, were the caliber of performances. Everyone sang and acted well. Some, like the woman playing Maria, the lead role, were extraordinary.

The set staff and orchestra were also top-notch. The technical crew seamlessly moved sets, even pushing the stairs nearly past the end of the stage during a critical scene, for a bit of broadway like drama. I brought along my trusty and small Canon G7X Mark II pocket camera. I would have loved to shoot some photos of the actual performance, but I didn’t want to disturb anyone.

I captured this scene after the final curtain call. A visual reminder which will act as a pointer into the part of my brain that retains the memory and emotions of the performance. Many of my photos are not necessarily great art. They are reminders of the life that I am living and I find that photos work well to gently shake my memory, when needed.

All the more critical, I’m sure, as I get older.

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2 thoughts on “West Side Story

    1. Mike, yes, that’s a great idea. The biggest distraction was not the shutter sound but the bright rear LCD. By shooting with the EVF and turning off the rear screen, it would have been significantly less distracting with the Olympus.

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