Not Your Father’s Kia

New Kia Dealership - Austin, Texas

New Kia Dealership – Austin, Texas

I’ve eased back into looking at cars again. You may recall that I recently bought a Subaru Impreza back in July of last year. Don’t worry. This is all going according to plan. I’m not getting C.A.S. (Car Acquisition Syndrome).

About a year from now, my older son will get the Subaru, and the 11-year-old Honda CR-V he’s driving will go to my younger son, who is just starting the driving process. Of course, that means I’ll need a new car, for myself. Unfortunately, public transportation is not an option where I live in Austin. One person, one car, right? The American way.

The rather old and small Kia dealership I visited last year, recently moved to their new digs. And it’s quite stunning. This is a color photograph, by the way. You can see bits of red and such. But the shiny black cars in the shiny white showroom does a really good monochrome impersonation.

The Kia cars have elevated themselves too. To the left, the hot and just released Stinger sports sedan, followed by two more upscale models. Certainly not your father’s Kia or Kia dealership. Incidentally, “not your father’s…” is an expression derived from “Not your father’s Oldsmobile“, a marketing slogan that’s made a cultural impression. Ironically, Oldsmobile, the once storied 107-year-old car brand died in 2004. Kia started in the U.S. in 1994.

I shot this with my Canon G7X Mark II, because everyone brings a high-end compact camera to car dealerships, right? Well maybe just photo-bloggers.

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2 thoughts on “Not Your Father’s Kia

  1. When I came back from Israel in 1987, the first car I bought was the then very cheap and very new little Hyundai. We bought several Hyundai’s after that, but the Hyundai dealer locally became a real crook and we gave up. Not on the car, but on the dealer.

    1. Interesting. I also went to an Austin Hyundai dealer recently. The car itself was quite decent but I couldn’t stand the dealership. Unfortunately, the dealer was such a turnoff that it dissuaded me from considering the otherwise worthwhile car.

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