A Concert at Parker Chapel

Parker Chapel Concert, Trinity University - San Antonio, Texas

Parker Chapel Concert, Trinity University – San Antonio, Texas

My family and I drove down to San Antonio, a week ago, to listen to a concert. Our son was playing in the Trinity University Orchestra — an ambitious piece, “The Creation” by Franz Joseph Haydn. In addition to a full orchestra, there was a full choir and a soprano, tenor and baritone. It was a larger production than I imagined and very well done.

I’ve photographed this chapel before, during the daytime. That photo was not nearly as dramatic as this fully lit and rich looking image. What I didn’t realize, on my first visit, was a balcony at the back, from which I shot this. I used the same camera and wide-angle lens for both photos.

From all indications, my son is having a great time at Trinity, with a healthy mix of academics and extracurriculars. The University’s facilities are first-rate and things are generally organized professionally. However, my pet-peeve? Someone at the school seemed to be recording the concert with a smartphone, setup on a tripod.

I expected better. Granted, you know that I’m photo-oriented. But, the University should have a robust 4K camera, perhaps positioned from here, on the balcony, zoomed into the orchestra and choir, of course. Decent microphones placed closer, for superior audio recording and synced audio and video in post. Would that be too much to expect for a school of this caliber and at such a well done concert? Perhaps, I’m being too picky.

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4 thoughts on “A Concert at Parker Chapel

    1. Believe it or not, with all the cameras I have, I still don’t have a 4K capable one. Maybe we should have them go over to Precision Camera to get a nice one.

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