Parker Chapel, Trinity University

Parker Chapel, Trinity University - San Antonio, Texas

Parker Chapel, Trinity University – San Antonio, Texas

I’ve been to Trinity University a number of times and in early October, I was down there again for Parent’s Weekend. Of course, I also wanted see how my older son is doing in his first couple of months at school. The university had a number of events and I spent time attending and exploring new places. Parker Chapel was one of those places I wanted to visit. Luckily, it was open.

Too bad the lights weren’t on, which would have made the space even more dramatic. Not to mention a lot easier to shoot. In keeping with my recent trend, I’ve been going tripod-less but hand-holding the camera was really pushing it. It was dark. I also wanted to use my super wide-angle, which only gave me a maximum aperture of f4. Not good.

After a number of tries at different settings, this is my best. Shot at ISO 800 at 1/2 second, hand-held and trying to center the shot as much as possible. This really cried out for a HDR on tripod. Perhaps on a future visit.

My son is loving school, making many friends, playing sports and keeping a busy schedule. He’s even taking five classes. So far so good.

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