Trinity University Football

Trinity University Football - San Antonio, Texas

Trinity University Football – San Antonio, Texas

Saturday evening, of Parent’s Weekend, we were invited to a football game. Trinity University vs. Rhodes College. Just by happenstance my son got into both schools, but he decided to go to Trinity. Both schools have modest Division 3 football teams but the parents were treated to a fun time, including a tailgate party, pre-game.

The small stadium was packed, and the school was nice enough to give me a pass to shoot from the field. That’s one of the (many) advantages of a small school, I suppose. I can’t see the University of Texas at Austin giving me a pass, at the last moment, for field level photography.

I had my usual two Olympus cameras, one with the 14-150mm travel zoom and the other with a wide-angle. I got some okay shots with the telephoto, but nothing special. And, as the light level fell, the f4-5.6 aperture was inadequate for the job. Instead, this close up wide-angle made for a more dramatic image.

Perhaps this is obvious, but even Division 3 football players are big. Tall, yes, but also very wide. I’m not a very large person and I feared getting trampled, if the excitement heated up. I cautiously shot around the players, so that I wouldn’t be in their way.

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