SXSW ’18 Portraits: Daevonnie

Daevonnie, SXSW 2018 - Austin, Texas

Daevonnie, SXSW 2018 – Austin, Texas

I made this portrait of Daevonnie at the same place as Nikki, about an hour later. You might have noticed the puffy pillow wall in both portraits. This was the second floor of The Belmont where they featured TempurPedic beds for lounging and resting, I suppose. As well as for strategic product placement, I’m sure. It was very comfortable and sort of unique place for a quick and causal portrait session.

As with all my other portraits in this series, I shot this during my visit to the Vox Media event at SXSW Interactive, which took place about a week and half ago. Later on, I also made a portrait of Daevonnie’s friend, Courtney, which I’ll feature soon.

As I recall, both Daevonnie and Courtney are from Austin. Not particularly connected with the tech-scene or with SXSW. Just two people enjoying a pleasant Sunday afternoon, just like me.

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