Drink and Click Portrait: Stephyne

Stephyne, Drink and Click Portrait - Austin, Texas

Stephyne, Drink and Click Portrait – Austin, Texas

Sometimes a portrait comes together quickly. The one of Sonia, from yesterday, is a good example. I found the location, thought of the concept and shot multiple poses. I then picked my favorite. Today’s portrait of Stephyne was a struggle.

With the popularity of Drink and Click in Austin, the place gets packed with a people cluttered background. It was tough to find a good spot at this smaller venue. I also don’t want to shoot the same angle as other photographers. After a few tries, I finally made a satisfactory portrait, basically by waiting until the crowds died down.

The lighting was tricky too. I wanted the glowing lights in the background but Stephyne was rather dark, not having any supplemental lighting. I did more post processing than usual. Burning (darkening) the background and dodging (brightening) the subject. Luckily I shoot also shoot in RAW, which allows for these extra manipulations.

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