Sony Takeover

Pongo at the Sony Takeover, Precision Camera - Austin, Texas

Pongo at the Sony Takeover, Precision Camera – Austin, Texas

Last weekend Sony had a big event at Precision Camera. They called it the Sony Takeover, which I suppose it meant that it was taking over the store. But perhaps it was a double entendre. Maybe it meant Sony was taking over the camera industry. Sometimes, with all the coverage they get, it almost seems that way.

I was there, for a short time. Sony was demonstrating how to record an interview with a band, which I conveniently shot with my Canon G7X Mark II. Pongo, in this case, later performed and Sony had a class on how to shoot bands in low-light. It was a multi-faceted event with classes and product demonstrations.

I was there mostly playing with the new Sony A7 III, the $2,000 full frame mirrorless camera that is creating quite the buzz. I even used my own SD card, but the sample JPEGs are not really enough to judge the photos, not under these easy conditions. This is a camera that shines at the extremes, like low-light and fast action.

What I can tell, however, is the feel of the camera — the haptics. Does it elicit an irrational sense of desire? No, not really. But perhaps, if I saw the photographic results, shot at the extremes, that may change my mind. Hard to tell at this point. Certainly, the camera is significantly better than the original A7. The rough edges and the rough sounds have been polished. But still, it doesn’t feel quite right.

I own cameras from every major brand, so I’m confident that I can learn to use the A7 III. The question is, do I want to? The physical controls don’t fall into place for me. The menu and on-screen interface, even worse. I suppose that’s one of the reasons I bought the Canon G7X Mark II over the more famous Sony RX100 series. Both are similar compact cameras with 1″ sensors. But Canon’s controls works a heck of a lot better for me.

I have my hardly used Canon 6D and assorted lenses, which under trade, might cover a significant chunk of A7 III with a couple of prime lenses. But I’m waiting. Waiting for the sorta-announced Nikon mirrorless and rumored Canon mirrorless. The big guys finally seem to be waking up. We’ll see what they bring to the mirrorless full frame arena.

Am I ready to buy? Nah. Just waiting for the full frame mirrorless rumble to start. Let’s see how Sony does. In the mean time, I’m still quite happy with the compact, go anywhere Olympus mirrorless system.

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