Squares, Mineta San Jose Airport

Squares, Mineta San Jose Airport - San Jose, California

Squares, Mineta San Jose Airport – San Jose, California

Rounding out the third in this mini-series, here’s another view of Terminal B at the Mineta San Jose Airport. This is the main concourse that connects the gates, shot in my vertical “Cinematics” format. This is a rather unorthodox crop but I think yesterday’s photo and today’s, work for the subject matter.

I find these translucent squares, hanging under the skylight, nicely integrated art. They add depth and visual interest. They don’t run the entire length of the concourse and effectively breakup the long expanse.

I’m no expert in airport architecture, but I’ve noticed some general trends. In the early days of flight from the 50s and 60s, you had simple and elegant modern structures, though some were truly breathtaking like Eero Saarinen’s TWA Terminal at JFK. This was the golden age of flight, when prices were expensive and air travel was more of a luxury.

In the 70s though the 90s, airports looked more utilitarian as though they were built to some accountant’s price performance calculations. Recently though, I’ve noticed airports sporting more architectural uniqueness. I think the dowdy Terminal A (1990) and the soaring Terminal B (2010) at Mineta San Jose Airport is a perfect example.

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