Central Public Library

Central Public Library - Austin, Texas

Central Public Library – Austin, Texas

Behold, Austin’s new Central Public Library. It’s been open for a half a year but I finally featured the exterior, complete with landscaping. While it has character with its multifaceted exterior, I think it’s the interior that really shines. Back in February, I did a Photo Essay featuring 13 interior photographs of the Austin Central Library. Certainly worth a look.

The previous central library was a rather utilitarian structure located slightly north. It functioned as a keeper of books but neither had the facility or dynamism to be a destination. The new library certainly holds its own and anchors this section of town.

Aesthetically, the power lines detract, reducing it from the dreamy idealized view of architecture renderings. In reality, I’m sure most will not notice. It’s certainly a nice amenity for this upscale west side neighborhood. For the rest of Austin, however, it’s a hike. One that requires driving for most and paying for parking. Luckily, there are multiple local libraries scattered around the city, though they are no where as inspiring as this one.

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