Symmetry, 2nd Street Bridge

Symmetry, 2nd Street Bridge - Austin, Texas

Symmetry, 2nd Street Bridge – Austin, Texas

I’ve shown a few variations of the 2nd Street Bridge, but this is the image I had in mind, as I went on my most recent downtown photowalk. It’s a fairly obvious composition and the dramatic curved supports begged for a wide-angle treatment. Of course, I wanted to shoot during blue hour to maximize my urban visual impact.

Luckily the traffic is still light on the bridge, which afforded me time to setup my tripod dead-center topped with the Canon G7X Mark II compact camera. It’s at a 24mm equivalent which is noticeably wide but not extremely so.

I contemplated creating my, now often used, Cinematics, which pulls in the usually unseen areas to the left and right from the RAW. But, I’ve noticed that in these darker conditions, the edges drop noticeably in quality. Rather than diminishing the overall image, I opted to crop at a 2×3 aspect ratio, though the overall photo still pulls in extra detail not shown in the original JPEG crop. Consequently, I was able to create a 24MP image from a camera that normally captures 20MP.

Beyond the aesthetics of the image, which I like. I was able to create a high quality photo, even with a compact camera with a one inch sensor. Not bad, I think. Something I wouldn’t have believed years ago, when I exclusively used large DSLRs.

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