Control Tower and Restaurant

Control Tower and Restaurant - Los Angeles, California

Control Tower and Restaurant – Los Angeles, California

I was enjoying the view from the United Club at LAX. As usual, I had a camera close at hand. In this case, the Canon G7X Mark II zoomed to a 63mm equivalent.

The tall structure on the left is obviously the control tower, but I always thought the building on the right was the old control tower. Researching the internet, I discovered I’m not the only one. This iconic LAX building, called the Theme Building, was always a restaurant. Most recently, it was the Encounter Restaurant, which closed in 2013. This mid-century modern architecture is known as the “Googie” style, believe it or not.

Every time I see this spaceship-like building, it reminds me of the 1974 movie, “Earthquake” in Sensurround. The movie was nothing to write home about. But as a 10-year-old, at the theater, the extra low-frequency Sensurround vibrations added more fun to a mediocre Hollywood disaster movie. Just one of those old memories that pops into the head, aided by a visual trigger.

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