737 Cinematic

737 Cinematic - United Airlines

737 Cinematic – United Airlines

I turned a bio-break into an opportunity to create a wide-angle Cinematic. This is a relatively small Boeing 737, which I took from Los Angeles to Honolulu. I shot faster than I would normally in a dark area, a brisk for me, 1/30th of a second. That’s all I would risk given the movement of the plane. Image Stabilization does have its limits.

This was a brand new plane and United is doing a smart thing. Rather than paying for seat mounted LCDs that would become obsolete fairly quickly, they have free WiFi to stream movies to your device of choice. They even have smartphone or tablet holders on the back of the seat. I watched three movies during the flight. That’s the good part.

The bad part is the lack of leg room, even for someone who’s relatively short like me. I can’t imagine how a person of average or larger size, manages. That’s five and half hours cramped in a seat that barely reclines. That’s the limitations of affordable air travel, I suppose. Luckily, we have our electronic devices to hypnotize us.

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2 thoughts on “737 Cinematic

    1. A wise option, when possible. I’m still paying for four tickets so, economy it is, for now. Once the kids are away, perhaps my wife and I will take more comfortable accommodations.

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