A Modest Gateway to Paradise

Hawaiian Airlines - Honolulu, Hawaii

Hawaiian Airlines – Honolulu, Hawaii

I’ve been lucky enough to visit Honolulu a number of times, the most recent being a month ago. As you might have guessed, it’s a wonderful place. The relaxed tropical experience, great food, ethnic variety and, of course, the wonderful weather. However, there’s one place that continues to disappoint. And, it seems to be getting worse. That would be the Honolulu Airport.

Airports have become the 21st Century gateways to cities and a nice place sets a tone for the visit. Unfortunately, the airport in Honolulu detracts from the overall experience. It’s unique in that perhaps half of it is open to the fresh tropical air. But the place is old, and worse, it’s dirty. It may not be at a third world level, but it doesn’t feel first world, either. Every time I visit, it appears that entropy continues to take its toll.

On the flip side the weather is great and I love Hawaii. Perhaps, the city leaders think the overwhelming pluses would overpower the modest airport. Or maybe, they just don’t have the money.

I love seeing the Hawaiian Airlines planes, however. The stylish tail design and palm trees always puts me in the right mood. I also discovered that my thoughts and subjects are rather consistent over the years. The last time I visited Honolulu, in 2016, I shot the tail of Hawaiian Airlines. That photo was, however, with my photo sketchbook at a 300mm equivalent.

My current compact camera of choice, the Canon G7X Mark II, doesn’t reach that far. It goes to show that the type of camera you have helps define your point of view, even if it’s of the same subject. I’ve basically traded the longer telephoto range for higher quality.

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