Main Entrance, Trinity University

Main Entrance, Trinity University - San Antonio, Texas

Main Entrance, Trinity University – San Antonio, Texas

I went down to San Antonio at the end of September, for the Trinity University Fall Family Weekend. My son started his sophomore year at Trinity and he seems to like it even more than his successful freshman year. I was there early on Friday and stayed the night, which gave me an opportunity for night photography on campus.

Shooting with a tripod has become a rare event — more so, with the intent to create HDRs. I used my Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II with the 14-150mm lens, which might not be the highest quality lens, but very convenient as an all-in-one optic. I metaphorically dusted off my HDR blending software to realize that just using the middle exposure and post-processing with Capture One, produce a more satisfactory result.

This is the main entrance to the University with Northrup Hall, straight ahead and the Murchison Tower — the school’s iconic symbol — to the left. Not seen from this angle, behind the stone wall, is a cascading water fountain that runs from Northrup.

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