My Hobby Card

atmtx Hobby Card - Austin, Texas

atmtx Hobby Card – Austin, Texas

A couple of years ago, I freshened up my blog by selecting a new WordPress theme. It worked a lot better for many types of devices, from small screens on a smartphone to computers with large monitors. As part of that change, I moved my blog to the center of my online presence. I created an updated hobby card, one that better matched the new look of the blog.

While I am no graphic artist or website designer, I have an interest in design and had fun creating this card. The fonts on the card don’t exactly match the blog, but I found something in the same spirit. I created the ATMTX logo back in 2009, when I joined Flickr. Ever since then, I’ve branded my photos with the little round logo on the bottom right corner.

I created a mnemonic on the back of the card. I thought it was a bit hokey but since my 13-year-old liked it, I suppose it was alright. It has given more than a few people, a smile. The problem is, ATMTX is really hard to remember, especially in Austin, where the abbreviation ATX has become popular. I wanted to help people remember my site.

So what does ATM stand for? It’s actually a fairly popular acronym. I know of several.

Automatic Teller Machine
Adobe Type Manager
Asynchronous Transfer Mode

I also discovered that some people call Texas A&M University, ATM. A reference to their logo.

But in reality, ATM is just my initials. That, plus TX (short for Texas) is how I created my photographic presence.

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