Yaya at Dolby


Yaya at Dolby, SXSW 2023 – Austin, Texas

After a quick look around at a warehouse-turned-nightclub atmosphere at Dolby, I walked up to a bar — one of a few set up around the venue. They had half a dozen premixed cocktails available, along with other softer drinks. Yaya was at the bar, and I snapped some photos.

Yaya wanted contact information, so I handed her my hobby card. To my surprise, she recognized it. I had met her during some past event, perhaps a previous SXSW? or a Drink and Click.

The bar pictures were subpar due to the terrible dim red lighting. So I asked Yaya to step two yards away to a spot with better illumination and exciting background. We did a concise, less than 30 seconds shoot there. I even busted out my big Fujifilm GFX 50S II for optimal quality.

I brought the GFX for documenting the Porsches and after snapping pictures of Yaya, I kept it in my bag for the rest of the day. I captured the rest of SXSW with the Fuji X-S10 and Fuji 16mm f2.8 — a compact and surprisingly versatile combination.

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