Art Patrons #2, EAST 2018

Art Patrons, EAST 2018 - Austin, Texas

Art Patrons, EAST 2018 – Austin, Texas

I met this group appreciating the work of Marty Lewis, who I featured several days ago. The group portrait is shot in front of his work.

I find it interesting how various industries and subgroups have a very different mix of men and woman. The tech industry, for example, is famously dominated by men. So is photography, though luckily less so. At the East Austin Studio Tour, there was a healthy mix of both, but probably more women. This came to mind, as I reviewed my photography. Almost all of my group portraits were of women.

Now, I freely admit that there is bias at play. I probably, semi-consciously, self-selected more female groups. Between the clothing, makeup and hairstyles, I generally find women more interesting to photograph. There is much more visual variety.

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