Utilitarian Beauty

Alcatraz Kitchen - San Francisco, California

Alcatraz Kitchen – San Francisco, California

After a few days on the blog, outside Alcatraz, we finally get to see the inside. Except, it’s not the money shot. Not the prison cells. That’s tomorrow. Today, I’m more interested in a kitchen.

I’m just amazed how an industrial, utilitarian space can be so beautiful. Both in design, proportion and color. I’m sure the inmates probably didn’t think so. And, with the tourists trapped on the other side of a fence (like me), I get to shoot an uncluttered kitchen. What’s that structure in the middle? The head cook’s office? I love how it’s framed perfectly within the concrete supports.

This reminds of the Seaholm plant in Austin. I got to shoot the inside, some eight years ago, before it was fully renovated into offices. The scale of Seaholm is a lot larger. But the concrete construction and the industrial feel seems similar.

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2 thoughts on “Utilitarian Beauty

  1. It’s good to see a return to more formal studies of form, texture, color and light — this one, the first in the preceding post, and (a joy to behold!) the image titled Port Hole in the Seaholm interior series. Not meant to diminish the more lively subjects, but these are truly tasty.

    1. Hi Mike, glad you like it. It’s true. I used to shoot and post more photos like these.

      It’s great to have feedback of what people like or want because it’s hard to tell what the audience likes. Maybe a few extra “likes” is about the only hint I usually get.

      My approach has been to post a smorgasbord of subjects from different places because, from what I can tell, I have a lot of different folks attracted to different kinds of photography.

      Ultimately, though, I do post what I like. Hopefully, the audience agrees from time to time.

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