Memories of Chinese New Year

Memories of Chinese New Year - Austin, Texas

Memories of Chinese New Year – Austin, Texas

Today’s featured photo is a bit different — a rather dreamy black and white. There’s enough hints that it looks Asian and possibly Chinese, but that’s about it. I like that it looks timeless and placeless. It’s hard to know that I made this in Austin, and without context I think most will think I shot this somewhere exotic and distant. I suppose to completely hide all clues, I can crop out part of the banner that shows English.

I like to say that I visualized this photo before I made it, but I didn’t. Just a quick shot, really. Though, because I keep my Olympus PEN-F in black and white mode, I did see this image before I pressed the shutter. In reality, it was one of more than a thousand photos I made that afternoon.

I usually craft my blog posts and stories as I look through my library. Sometimes, I know there’s a photo I want to feature, when I take it. Other times, like today, I see an image and appreciate what I have afterwards. However, the actual results are often more disappointing in post, on the big computer screen. That excellent shot that I thought I made wasn’t nearly as excellent enough. Reality can be a bummer.

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