Blue Hour Carnival

Blue Hour Carnival, Rodeo Austin - Austin, Texas

Blue Hour Carnival, Rodeo Austin – Austin, Texas

I went over to Rodeo Austin on its last day, back in March, with my friend Chuck. Both SXSW and Rodeo Austin happen around the same time and I like shooting both — it’s such a contrast. One is new and trendy, the other, timeless and traditional. I’ll let you guess which one is which.

I just realized that I made pictures at last year’s event and I didn’t post any of those. I shoot enough that even daily blog posts aren’t enough to cover all my subjects.

The rodeo seems to be cracking down on the type of cameras you can bring, without getting a press pass. I got one once, but haven’t bothered since. Last year, they stopped me at the gate, deeming my cameras too professional; I probably brought two of my small Olympus bodies and a couple of lenses. Luckily, I also had my compact Canon G7X Mark II, which is what I used. I was forced to leave my Olympus cameras in the car.

I was prepared this year.

In my bag, a single camera and lens — the Olympus PEN-F with the 25mm f1.4. I also popped the tiny DxO ONE camera in my pants pocket. Worst case, even if they didn’t like my Olympus, the DxO will make it through “Checkpoint Charlie”. They let me in with everything this time. I suppose I must’ve looked sufficiently unprofessional.

All of the images today are courtesy of the DxO One. I promised these in my May monthly newsletter, which I said will explode your retinas with vivid color. Yeah, some are crazy colorful, which is exactly how I wanted to show these.

You’ll notice that the photos are in the portrait orientation, which I explained works best for me with the DxO; though certainly, it can also shoot in landscape. But I like how shooting everything in portrait has forced me to think of compositions differently. I’m also considering making a book featuring these and many other colorful images from the blue hour carnival.

The DxO photos really pop at night with a little RAW post-processing. This is also the last of a dozen posts, wrapping up the coverage of this unique DxO camera. I think you can see why I like it. It’s quite capable. And, in a pinch, I can carry it in my pants pocket for some high-quality shooting almost anywhere.

Blue Hour Carnival, Rodeo Austin - Austin, Texas
Blue Hour Carnival, Rodeo Austin - Austin, Texas
Blue Hour Carnival, Rodeo Austin - Austin, Texas
Blue Hour Carnival, Rodeo Austin - Austin, Texas
Blue Hour Carnival, Rodeo Austin - Austin, Texas

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7 thoughts on “Blue Hour Carnival

  1. I understand that Olympus is discontinuing the Pen-F — which figures because it is the ONE camera I really wanted. Oh well. It was only a dream. Those are amazing pictures. The color is simply glorious.

    1. I heard that the PEN-F is discontinued too. Not sure if there’s going to be a PEN-F Mark II, but if I had to guess, probably not. The PEN-F is a specialized camera and takes a certain person to appreciate it.

  2. These DXO images really stir the creative juices, especially the idea of having it in my pocket just-in-case.
    As you look back on these carnival shots, do they match up well with your memories of “what you saw”? I.e. these aren’t simply oversaturated? The skin tones look fine, as far as I can tell, although Lightroom’s Vibrance could achieve similar results.
    Bottom line: I’m curious if the DXO could add enough to my iPhone XR to make it worth purchasing?
    Thanks for this series, Andy! Very interesting…
    – Chris

    1. Hi Chris,

      It’s a slower more deliberate process to use the DxO ONE, but yields more keepers for me. It’s not a run and gun camera, which is a nice change of pace.

      It is more saturated than reality, but I wasn’t going for reality. I wanted to express the color, fun and festive feel of a carnival.

      I’m sure it’ll work on a iPhone XR. I use a iPhone 8 Plus. However, it will not work with a bulky case because of the connection to the Lightning port. I use a standard Apple made rubber/plastic case, which works well.

      1. I was wondering if my tech21 case might be a tad thick. Good to know it works with the Apple cases. Thanks again!
        – Chris

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