Portraits at the Rodeo

Portraits at the Rodeo - Austin, Texas

Portraits at the Rodeo – Austin, Texas

You might that noticed that I’ve switched to a different style of photography from my initial coverage of this year’s Rodeo Austin, which started with super saturated blue hour photos of the carnival. The black and whites from the last few days are with my Olympus PEN-F, my camera of choice for this kind of photography. Each camera is different. Some work well for color and slow photography, like the DxO ONE. The PEN-F works well for fast action, without attracting too much attention.

Of course, the PEN-F does shoot color, very nice color, in fact. But, I just love using it in black and white mode. Coupled with my Panasonic Leica 25mm f1.4, it gives a very classic 50mm equivalent focal length that works well “on the street”.

Today photo, in particular, seems very much like a classic New York City street photograph from someone like Joel Meyerowitz. An image with layers of people at different distances. I particularly like the guy on the very left, which both balances the photograph and makes the shot, in my opinion. It was a quick grab shot that worked out better than I expected.

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