Esoteric Hobbies

Campo Table - Austin, Texas

Campo Table – Austin, Texas

People new to this site might not know that my photography and all related activities such as this blog and my newsletter are hobbies. Albeit a very time consuming one. I do have other, even stranger interests too, like urban transport systems. I’m a city person and find the dynamics of designing a functional city an interesting one.

What better way to spend a precious Saturday afternoon than attending a series of public lectures on the future of transportation in Austin. I did so a month and a half ago at the Austin History Center. They talked about, public transit, new mobility technologies, and even the comprehensive re-design of Interstate 35, which is currently a blight that cuts through the heart of downtown Austin.

Of course, there’s photography involved because I always seem to take pictures, everywhere. I made this candid photograph at the CAMPO (Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization) table. Later, I walked the streets to observe and document the constantly changing downtown.

Not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon after all. Learning about the future of Austin and documenting the present day one. I was able to combine multiple interests in a single outing and come up with new fodder for the blog. I’ll be showing what I captured over the next series of posts.

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3 thoughts on “Esoteric Hobbies

  1. I’ve been to a CAMPO meeting. I particularly liked the Aerobus solution. Rapidly deployed and cost effective. I doubt that in the current climate it could ever get built unfortunately. It would be a wonderful solution flying over the congestion with no right of way costs.

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